13 billion

Last Tuesday the news went around the world: Jeff Bezos accumulated, in just one day, another 13 billion dollars to his colossal fortune that, they say, is quantified at 186 billion dollars. This had never happened in the history of the richest and the greatest fortunes.

A hand still empty but full of hope

The World Health Organization (WHO) is aware that 163 vaccines against Covid-19 are being developed globally. The available data indicate that most are still in the pre-clinical development stage, which means that scientists and researchers are experimenting with cells in…

In the time of endless Pandemics

The number of confirmed cases are continued to climb this july , In the time of endless pandemics without an end , The number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has reached 1,959 by July 20, surpassing the 1,775 confirmed cases of the SARS epidemic in 2003. The second wave of…

Is corruption genetic?

The question is asked in the middle of a long conversation with the United Nations Secretary-General’s special envoy to Mozambique. What’s up in Cabo Delgado? What is happening in the central region of that country? Does all this have to do with…

Care yes, paralysis no

Macau, a ghost town in February, recovered local energy – without tourism – remaining a world example in pandemic control. Europe and the Americas … first dragged unconsciousness, but three months was enough for the world to turn around: confinement…

Electric fences

The owner of a bar in England is tired of his customers not respecting the social distance that good practices force to deal with this pandemic that is plaguing us. The man grew tired of scolding customers who insisted on getting closer and closer to the counter. But this…

A day that will not come

Is the wave of movement that caused by the assassination of a powerful black leader the starting point of the modern black right in America? White House has never scared of any protests over the black right. The wave of protests over the anti-racism cased by the…

The return

The decision by local authorities and Guangdong province to reopen the borders to the movement of people – although, still following a regime with restrictions – was one of the good news of the week for Macau. It was time for the city to let itself be shared…

A tale of twin cities

Finally the border is re-opened. Starting from July 15, all the passengers entering the Cantonese provinces through the Cantonese-Macau border are now exempted from the 14 quarantine. Even though it is only limited in the 9 cities in Greater bay area, it is a big step…

And are there leaders?

The world public debt will reach a historic peak in 2020, that is, a level to that registered at the end of the Second World War. The IMF says this, but the circumstances are totally different, only the need for political decisions is very similar. The value of public…