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Bolsonaro does not congratulate Lula but recognizes defeat

“Where is Bolsonaro?”, Brazil asked itself, on the streets and on social media hashtags, throughout the day, as the hours passed and there was no comment from Jair Bolsonaro on the elections of the day before, won by Lula da Silva. Silva with 50.9% of the votes against 49.1% of the candidate for reelection. The outgoing president, however, made it known, in the middle of the night in Lisbon, that if, on the one hand, he does not intend to contest the result, on the other, he also does not intend to congratulate the successor. In addition, he will point out, in an eventual speech, criticism of the country’s electoral system and talk about “injustices”.

Throughout the day, truck drivers allied with Bolsonaro closed roads in protest against the victory of the PT candidate, which implied a contestation of the elections in the Bolsonarista camp. But, around the world, dozens of heads of state greeted Lula, indicating that the international community will not accept any unusual electoral outcome.

On Sunday night, shortly after the verdict of the polls was known, ministers, allies and journalists who went to Palácio da Alvorada were informed that the president would not receive anyone and would go to sleep. And at 10:06 pm, the lights in the official residence went out – reports from allies spoke of a state of “sadness” and “dejection”. The following morning, the still president arrived, in silence, shortly after 9:00 am at the Palácio do Planalto, the seat of government, alongside the vice candidate, Braga Netto, and his eldest son, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro.

Hours later, Flávio hinted on his social media that his father accepted defeat. “Thank you to everyone who helped us rescue patriotism, who prayed, prayed, took to the streets, gave their sweat for the country that is working and gave Bolsonaro the biggest vote of his life! Let’s raise our heads and let’s not give up on our Brazil! God in charge!”

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