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Covid-19: Positive case at Fai Chi Kei puts Macau on alert

Health authorities yesterday detected a positive case of covid-19 in a 66-year-old woman living in Fai Chi Kei. Following the infection, the building where she lives was sealed off and declared a red zone. The patient had a simple itinerary and authorities think the case was detected early, lowering the chance of a community outbreak.

The health authorities of Macau announced yesterday in the early afternoon the discovery of a positive case of covid-19 related to a 66-year-old resident, resident in the Weng Heng building, 7 and 8 of Rua Um do Bairro. da Concordia, near the Canídromo, which has been declared a red zone. Residents of the building in question must remain in isolation until 1 November. The authorities estimate that the yellow health code of residents will only be lifted on November 3, if, in the meantime, no other positive cases of covid-19 are identified.

It was also revealed that the infected resident took a test on Sunday which came back negative, but tested positive in the test she took on Tuesday.

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