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North Korea fires at buffer zone with South

South Korea criticized North Korea on Wednesday for firing artillery fire into a maritime “buffer area” established in 2018 on the border to reduce tensions.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff assured that around 250 artillery rounds were fired and denounced that this represented a “clear violation” of the 2018 agreement to avoid hostilities in that area.

“We strongly urge North Korea to immediately stop its actions,” the South Korean army said in a statement. “North Korea’s continued provocations are actions that undermine peace and stability,” he added.

Pyongyang explained on Wednesday that the series of shots was aimed at countering “the enemy’s warlike maneuvers against the North” on the border.

The South Korean army “fired dozens of projectiles from multiple rocket launchers at the front area” for more than seven hours on Oct.

“The [North] Korean People’s Army units on the eastern and western fronts opened threatening warning fire towards the sea in the east and west,” he added.

The hermetic country, which has nuclear capability, has increased its weapons tests in recent weeks, coinciding with several military exercises by Seoul and Washington in the region.

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