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Whoever wins will always be “chutchuca do centrão”?

The voter gave the Chamber to the center”, wrote the editorial of O Estado de S. Paulo, shortly after the elections, putting presidential suffrage in the background. “Whoever will rule the Legislature and, therefore, condition the acts of government of whoever comes out victorious, is the center”, wrote William Waack, pivot of CNN Brasil. Therefore, the center has already been elected, are Brazilians going to vote on the 30th to choose just one chutchuca?

The term “tchutchuca do centrão” [see glossary] entered the electoral campaign in late August when a disillusioned supporter of Jair Bolsonaro called it that after the president allowed a “secret budget” that guaranteed at least 16 billion euros. to the most opportunistic deputies in parliament, in order to protect themselves from possible impeachment and be able to govern.

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