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Bolsonaro family bought 50 properties with cash

Since the early 1990s, Jair Bolsonaro and the family clan have negotiated a total of 107 properties, of which at least 51 were acquired in whole or in part with the use of cash, according to the registry of the family members themselves.

The information is the result of an extensive report by the UOL portal, published this Tuesday morning, and comes as the Senate discusses a bill that suggests a ban on the use of cash in real estate transactions, as a way of preventing money laundering operations. of money or concealment of assets.

“What’s the problem with buying a property with cash, I don’t know what’s written in the article… What’s the problem?”, asked the president hours after the publication for which he refused to comment. “What do I have to do with their business?” he stated about the children. “Then fine. Investigate, my God in heaven. How many properties are there? More than a hundred properties… Who bought it? I? My family? My children have already been investigated. Since when I took over, four years of beating Flávio, Carlos, Eduardo less… My relatives from Vale do Ribeira. I have five brothers in Vale do Ribeira”.

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