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Cities in China test fish, crabs and shrimp for covid-19

Xiamen city in southeastern China’s coastal Fujian province has commissioned PCR tests for fishermen and fish caught, according to the city’s fisheries supervisor. “We tested both humans and what they captured,” said a member of the Xiamen Municipal Ocean Development Bureau, quoted by local media.

“We are not the only place to do this. We learned the lesson from [the province of] Hainan, which is witnessing a serious outbreak. They say it may have been triggered by the trade in marine products between local fishermen and their foreign counterparts,” he said.

Over the weekend, the Hainan Daily, the official newspaper of the island province of Hainan, reported that medical workers in the city of Danzhou tested fish on fishing boats after the city went into lockdown to combat a spreading outbreak. to the entire province.

Hainan has reported about 14,000 cases since early August, including about 8,000 who are asymptomatic.

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