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Danish stars give online football lessons

Just a click away on their cell phone, a youngster from any corner of the world can learn to stop the ball with his chest, add power to his shot, place the ball in the deadliest corner of the goal or eat in the most balanced way for a professional player. And the classes are not taught by just anyone: Daniel Wass, from Atlético Madrid, Victor Claesson, from FC Copenhagen, Mathias Jensen, from Brentford, or Joachim Andersen, from Crystal Palace, all Danish internationals, are part of the InchbyInch faculty.

InchbyInch is a Denmark-based company that aims to “democratize football so that anyone, regardless of gender, date of birth, location, talent or skin color, can become a professional”, said Rasmus Bruun, a co-founders, to Forbes magazine.

The measurable goal is to reach 30 million downloads by 2024 – the most daring is to be able to develop a new generation of online footballers. “All students will feel a connection to the teachers, whether it’s the position they play in, the looks, having to go through the same challenges as teenagers, suffering from the same type of injuries,” continues Bruun. “And we want learning to play football to be fun.”

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