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Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Consider Face-to-Face Meeting

The US and Chinese presidents left open a possible face-to-face meeting during the long telephone conversation this Thursday, centered on tensions over Taiwan, which led Xi Jinping to warn Joe Biden not to “play with fire”.

According to a US official, who spoke to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on condition of anonymity, the two heads of state agreed “that their teams will make an effort to find an ideal moment for the two of them”.

However, no timeline has been anticipated for what will be the first face-to-face meeting since Biden took over the US administration.

Washington and Beijing described the call, the fifth between the two leaders, as “sincere and in-depth,” a diplomatic term that anticipates that differences between the two countries remain complex.

According to Chinese state media, Xi Jinping warned Joe Biden not to “play with fire” in relation to Taiwan.

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