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China celebrates 95th anniversary of People’s Liberation Army

The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) will celebrate the 95th anniversary of its founding on August 1, in a moment considered “special” for the remembrance of the “heroic martyrs” who remain faithful to the original inspiration and mission, while looking forward to a bright future.

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According to China’s ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao, it is in a crisis that the true characters of an armed force are revealed and glory comes from hard fights. “On August 1, 1927, to resist internal and external oppression and exploitation and fight for Independence and national liberation, the Communist Party of China (PCCh) built an armed force that truly represented the fundamental interests of the Chinese people: the China People’s Liberation Army”.

For the diplomat, since then, the PLA has always fought under the correct leadership of the CCP. With the people’s supports, the PLA has fought many wars, overcome great obstacles, strengthened and developed continuously, made enormous sacrifices, and won glorious victories one after another, making great contributions to the founding of the new China and the victory of the Anti-Fascist World War, establishing great merits to safeguard sovereignty, national security and development interests.

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