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Virologist Jacky Cheong says that the epidemic situation in Macau is being well managed. If the number of cases reaches zero, he believes the city will reopen within a week.

Headline: “It’s only a matter of time until we reach a zero infection rate”

Other highlights in this edition:

Guilherme Rego – This week he writes about the Covid-19 containment strategy in Macau, stressing the importance of containing the outbreak as soon as possible so that economic activity can resume. On the other hand, he criticizes the behavior of the authorities, who lack a clear plan of action.

Editorial: Action-Reaction

“There are at least three more” interested in the new concessions, says Ben Lee, an industry consultant. This “small competition”, characterizes the academic Ricardo Siu, comes into play knowing that US companies could be weakened by the tension between the two powers

Highlight: Favoritism Threatened

Brazil wants to provide technical and financial support to Angola to create an agricultural superpower. “Brazil grows and Angola grows”, explains economist Flávio Azevedo

Highlight: Brazil wants to make Angola an agricultural superpower

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