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Pope says world is experiencing World War III

Pope Francis warned on Monday that the world is experiencing World War III “in pieces”, noting that for years there have been “savage wars of destruction”, such as the one that victimized Ukraine.

“For years we have been living the Third World War in pieces, in chapters, with wars everywhere, although the war in Ukraine touches us more closely”, he underlined in a Spanish-language interview with the streaming platform ViX of “Noticias Univision 24/7”.

The Pope spoke about the covid-19 pandemic, the war in Europe, child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, abortion, without also shying away from answering questions about his health and rumors of a possible resignation.

The 85-year-old pontiff spoke from the drama in Yemen and Syria, to the shortened lives of 30,000 soldiers, to the young people who died on landing on the beaches of Normandy and the wars “that are imposed” and that show that he was lost. “the conscience of war”.

And yet, despite the tragedies, “humanity continues to manufacture weapons”, he lamented, adding that war “enslaves”, dehumanizes, and that, according to the Catholic catechism, “the use and possession of nuclear weapons is immoral”.

On the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Francis said that he prefers to talk more about the victims than the aggressors, “of the country that is attacked”.

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