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Covid-19. Macau records daily record of cases, but rejects total containment for now

Macau today announced a daily record of Covid-19 cases, but health authorities have rejected moving towards a total city lockdown for the time being.

The territory detected 146 more cases on Tuesday and 81 as of 4 p.m. today (9 a.m. in Lisbon), with the number of those infected in the current Covid-19 outbreak rising to 1,168 at a time when the more than 680,000 residents are being targeted for three massive tests this week, a total of six since June 19.

Thousands of people are quarantined in hotels and parts of the city are isolated, with the territory following China’s inland policy of zero cases. In the daily conference, the authorities ruled out for now the scenario of total confinement, but, while admitting the possibility, criticized “rumors on the Internet” that will move to this measure, noting that this could lead to a rush to supermarkets by the population, increasing the risks of contagion.

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On the other hand, they called on employers to create conditions for domestic workers to stay overnight in their homes, in order to protect children and the elderly in particular.

A request that was justified by the fact that it is normal that they share the space where they live with several people and that most of the cases of infection have been detected among security and cleaning workers. Macau registered on Sunday the first two deaths from Covid-19.

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The authorities brought forward the end of the school year, suspended the normal operation of public services, reduced public transport services and ordered the closure of establishments, with supermarkets keeping the doors open, but with restaurants only being able to sell food out.

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