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Mark Wahlberg’s incredible transformation since he was 30

When Mark Wahlberg first became known, he was an innovative model with a rebellious style to promote Calvin Klein pants. He became an icon, showing off his body dressed only in the brand’s underwear alongside Kate Moss. Three decades later, the actor seems to have stopped in time thanks to his training and nutrition at the age of 51.

Proof of his excellent physical shape is on his social media, where it’s not hard to see him shirtless, giving advice on training and preparation to those who want to try to follow his example. Among his secrets is starting to train very early in the gym he set up at home and taking care of everything related to his diet.

In the 90s, Mark Wahlberg was the protagonist of an aesthetic that wanted to leave its mark. His spirit didn’t stop at the famous television ads and posters that flooded the streets, but he also appeared in fashion shows.

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