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19% of infected people in Macau without vaccine and less than half with three doses

Of the new Covid-19 cases in Macau, 19 percent are unvaccinated and less than half have all three doses, Macau health authorities said today, calling the unvaccinated rate “very high.”

“Of the 572 cases, 109 were not vaccinated – a very high rate – 23 received the first dose, 216 received the two doses and 224 people received the three doses,” said Leong Iek Hou of the New Coronavirus Type Contingency Coordination Center during the daily health press conference.

“Through these figures we can see that the unvaccinated rate is very high compared to the 90 percent vaccination rate in Macau,” he added. In Macau, 613,720 people have been vaccinated, with 586,020 completing two or more doses, out of a total population of about 680,000.

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The authorities have made repeated appeals to the population to be vaccinated, especially the elderly – with a lower rate of immunization – who were offered in May vouchers up to a maximum value of 250 patacas (30 euros) as an incentive.

The government has stressed that a high vaccination rate will allow for a relaxation of border control measures, which have had a negative impact on tourism, practically the only industry in the territory.

Also at the press conference, Leong Iek Hou announced that, until 23:59 (16:59 in Lisbon) Wednesday, 88 cases had been detected, following the new wave of Covid-19, which led the territory to declare on June 19 a state of immediate prevention, bringing forward the end of the school year and suspending all or part of services and shops.

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Since the outbreak began, Macau residents have been required to perform rapid tests at home, and have also already undergone three mass tests. This Friday and Saturday, the population will again have to perform two antigen tests, said Leong Iek Hou. In case of disobedience, people face mobility restrictions, in a city where there are dozens of isolated areas and thousands of people in forced quarantines.

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