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Hong Kong activists on the dock for organizing demonstration

Several prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activists appeared in court, accused of organizing one of the biggest demonstrations of 2019, in protest against the extradition law. Among the nine defendants are some of the most respected personalities in the former British colony, including lawyer Martin Lee, 82, who was chosen by Beijing to write the Basic Law decades ago, the text that serves as a mini-constitution in the semi-autonomous region.

Also accused are former opposition MP Margaret Ng, a 73-year-old lawyer, and media magnate Jimmy Lai, who is currently in pre-trial detention, on separate charges under national security law.

Several are prominent figures in the Civil Front for Human Rights, the coalition that organized the biggest demonstrations in 2019, when the city experienced its worst political crisis since the delivery in 1997, with almost daily actions and mobilizations. When the defendants entered the court, several activists saluted with three fingers, a gesture that has become a symbol of the struggle against authoritarianism in Asia.

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