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Five Portuguese-speaking countries improve in Transparency International’s corruption index, three worsen

Perception about corruption in the public sector improved in five Portuguese-speaking countries, worsened in three, including Portugal, and remained in Cape Verde, according to the Corruption Perception Index (IPC), released today by Transparency International (TI).

The largest increases were registered by Brazil, which with 38 points rose 12 places, going from 106 to 94, and Timor-Leste, which obtained 40 points and a rise from 93 to 86, indicates the edition of 2020 of the index that assesses the perception of corruption in the public sector of 180 countries, scoring them from 0 (perceived as very corrupt) to 100 (perceived as very transparent).

Angola went from 26 to 27 points, which earned it an increase of four places on the list, now occupying the 142th position (146 in 2019), and making progress for the third consecutive year.

In the same vein, Guinea-Bissau gained one point and moved up three places, from position 168 to 165.

São Tomé and Príncipe rose from position 64 to 63 and won 47 points, while Cape Verde remained in position 41 with 58 points, after having climbed from place 45 in 2019.

The country consolidated its position as the third best-ranked country in sub-Saharan Africa, after Seychelles (66 points) and Botswana (60 points), which respectively occupy positions 27 and 35 of the index.

Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe continue to record scores above the average for sub-Saharan African countries (32 points), the region with the worst performance in the CPI, and the global average of 180 countries (43 points).

Mozambique lost one point, going from 26 to 25, and dropped three positions, from 146 to 149, after having climbed 12 positions last year.

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