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China warns US of “high price” of possible visit to Taiwan by UN ambassador

China announced that the United States will pay “a heavy price” if a US ambassador to the UN visits Taiwan in the next few days, as declared by the US State Department.

“The United States will pay a heavy price for the wrongdoing” and “China urges the United States to stop its mad provocation, to stop creating new difficulties for Sino-American relations and for the cooperation of the two countries within the United Nations ”, according to a statement by the Chinese mission to the UN, released on Thursday.

China “firmly opposes” this visit by Kelly Craft and called on the United States to “stop going further on the wrong path”, reiterating Beijing’s position that there is only one China and Taiwan is just one province.

Accurate Kelly Craft travel data has not yet been released.

Before, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua had already criticized the plan for a visit, in the coming days, to Taiwan by the US ambassador to the UN, indicating that this is a violation of Chinese sovereignty.

Last year, despite the choice of Beijing, the outgoing administration led by Donald Trump had already sent representatives to Taiwan, amid disputes between the United States and China over trade, security and human rights.

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