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Portugal must support Mozambique “as it did with Timor”

Social-Democratic deputy António Maló de Abreu was in the Mozambican area of ​​Cabo Delgado, which is being the scene of the terrorist threat. He argues that Portugal has to do more and that it can intercede for the “brother country” internationally.

António Maló de Abreu, PSD deputy, has just returned to Portugal after 10 days traveling in northern Mozambique. He spent a week in Cabo Delgado, where he contacted the populations that were victims of the recent attacks in that region, and, in declarations to the TSF, admitted that he was not at all calm about the situation.

“I am very concerned about the situation in Cabo Delgado,” he confessed. “It is a serious, dramatic situation, approaching 600,000 refugees, displaced.”

Maló de Abreu recalls that, in the country, the rainy season is coming, a “very difficult time, which brings diseases, such as cholera, that will affect these people” displaced from their homes.

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