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Cabo Delgado: Displaced people ask for weapons to fight terrorists

During Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho Rosário’s two-day visit to the resettlement centers in the Ancuabe and Metuge districts in Cabo Delgado, the politician was faced with a request from the displaced people.

Those displaced from the Cabo Delgado conflict asked Carlos Agostinho Rosário for weapons, so that they can help in the fight against terrorism in the province.

The prime minister acknowledged that the involvement of all Mozambicans in the fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado is necessary, but that each has its role.

According to the victims, this is not the first time that they have done it to a politician, but the guidance has always been to wait.

“Firearms must be with whoever they should be with. With the Defense and Security Forces and with the people they trust ”, explained the Prime Minister during the meeting of the Provincial Representative Services Council of the State. The politician considers that handing over weapons to the population increases “the risk of losing control of the situation”.

In the context of the resettlement of the displaced, Carlos Agostinho Rosário raises concern. “We don’t want to create clusters of people. We want a resettlement from a development perspective. The population will request schools, health posts, water, streets, policing posts and everything that “is indicative of” development “, he said, while recognizing the country’s financial limitations.

“We ask all partners to assist the government in creating basic conditions for the population so that they can have a good life in resettlement sites,” said the minister at the meeting of the Provincial Emergency Operative Committee.

The prime minister visited the resettlement centers in Nanjua, in the Ancuabe district, which is home to around 500 families; and that of Ngalane, in Metuge, with about five thousand people.

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