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Covid-19: Vaccinated people should continue to wear a mask

Immunologist at Stanford University, USA, argues that it is important that people who have already been vaccinated against covid-19 continue to wear a mask “because they can still be contagious”.

“Many people think that, once vaccinated, they don’t need to wear a mask anymore”, but they should continue to do so, argues immunologist Michal Tal, from Stanford University. The reason is simple: despite being immunized against the disease, “they can still be contagious,” the expert told The New York Times.

The CEO of the American Pfizer himself said that it is not yet known if vaccinated people can still carry SARS-CoV-2 and pass it on to others. “I think it is something that needs to be analyzed. We are not sure about that right now, ”said Albert Bourla in recent statements to NBC News.

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