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China prepares to deliver on carbon neutrality promise by 2060

To meet the target, China must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to 25 percent by 2050 from the current 85 percent, removing much of the rest with carbon capture and storage technology

China’s renewable energy industry is poised to lead an unprecedented industrial transformation that would make the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter into a carbon neutral country in less than four decades, at an estimated cost of five billion dollars north Americans, it can be read in an extended report published by the South China Morning Post in three parts.

The Chinese nation, which is already the largest global producer of hydro, wind and solar energy, will have to reduce most of its fossil fuel production and drastically install more equipment to harness the energy of nature in order to meet the neutrality target of carbon in 2060, pledge made by President Xi Jinping at the United Nations General Assembly last September.

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