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Hong Kong: The concept of “one country” is ignored and the meaning of “two systems” is distorted

Hong Kong’s former Chief Executive, Tung Chee-hwa, warned that good relations between China and the United States of America were damaged by the situation lived in the city.

Tung spoke during the opening of the Chinese Conference: United States, organized by the South China Morning Post, on Tuesday.

In his opinion, there is a campaign against Beijing, to “contain China and misinform the world”. The former Chief Executive said that Hong Kong has been an indisputable part of China since 1997, the year the United Kingdom transferred the administration of the territory to China’s sovereignity. Since then, Western powers have ceased to have authority over the city, according to Tung.

For months, the city was exposed to a wave of socio-political protests against a proposed extradition bill to China, which would allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to Mainland China. Tung says that during the wave of protests, Beijing could have justifiably intervened. “It would have been easy and within its rights for China to send military forces to end the protests, but it did not,” said Tung.

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