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Mine has 90 more than yours

And with the first “anniversary” of the first cases of covid-19 to be fulfilled in these days, here we are announced the arrival of the promised vaccines so that the “new normal” stops disturbing “normal life”.

It has been a fruitful week in the news of this “good news”.

Several international laboratories are in the final stages of testing their vaccines, which allows them to wait for the launch of vaccination campaigns for the last week of 2020 in the United States, and at the beginning of 2021, in other countries, depending on the agreements signed with the companies. pharmaceutical companies.

The first applause went to Pfizer, which began the week to ensure that its vaccine was tested with a 90% guarantee of effectiveness. The world applauded and bowed to the American pharmaceutical company.

Days later, Russia emerges to stress that “his” Sputnik was a few points ahead: 92%! Much better, therefore.

But the world is astonished. Another American pharmacist announces to the world that, after all, her vaccine was ahead. The tests carried out guarantee an efficiency of… 94.5%.

Of course, we were all confused at this point. And, behold, after these announcements comes Pfizer to rectify the percentage of its effectiveness. After all, they are not 90, but 95% effective.

Gentlemen, this is the real war. Whoever guarantees the sale of more vaccines will guarantee the entry of many millions into their coffers.

After all, the “new normal” has very little new….

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