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Drug addiction

João Melo

Domestic violence escapes my understanding, whenever I read news on the subject I find myself diving into the fifth dimension. Violent behavior can be a characteristic of character, however I am convinced that the excesses are a matter of education. Before this issue gained visibility, it would be normal not to have civic awareness of the way that is well evident in the popular saying “between husband and wife, don’t get caught”. It is a rooted culture and, like other absurd “traditions”, difficult to change. I was lucky, at my parents’ house, around me, I never watched or heard of such cases; growing up without certain experiences is halfway to not replicating them in adulthood. Now, from the moment we become aware, will it not be evident to polish the defects of our formation? Apparently no. There are those who choose the supreme stupidity of often repeating wrong patterns, not growing up, avoiding assuming their condition as an adult human that implies responsibility for their actions, therefore … being free. Some prefer slavery, in fact they do not even abandon the animal condition, consuming their existence in a kind of bestiality only limited by the laws. I at least aspire to be free and that is why, since maturity, I have stopped blaming DNA, parents, conditions, circumstances, the universe, for everything I didn’t even try to change. I realized that I had been stuck in self-pity, preventing myself from freeing myself, developing personal panache, rolling up my sleeves and making myself into the life that is mine alone; I recognized that my tutors did what they could or knew, and moreover, it doesn’t even matter anymore, none of them will live my life, it is up to me to assume it, improve it, and consequently affect others’ lives for the better.

*Musician and ambassador of Plataforma

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