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Trump files suit to stop Pennsylvania counting

Trump’s campaign called for Supreme Court interference.

The campaign by US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was filing lawsuits to temporarily suspend the counting of votes in Pennsylvania, and also called for Supreme Court interference in a case about ballots mailed in the United States. state, which can determine the winner of the US presidential election.

The campaign said the lawsuit aims to prevent Democratic officials in the state from “hiding” the vote-counting process from Republican election observers.

The American election remained very close between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden after the vote on Tuesday (3).

Trump’s campaign opened a similar process on Wednesday in Michigan, also with the aim of temporarily interrupting counting in that state.

The campaign also seeks to intervene in an existing case before the Supreme Court, according to a court case.

The case was brought up by Republicans who asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision by the Pennsylvania Court, which allowed ballots sent by mail arriving by Friday to be counted since they were posted on election day.

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