Portuguese Council of Ministers decides today new measures to control the pandemic

Portuguese Council of Ministers decides today new measures to control the pandemic

The Ministers of Portugal will have an Extraordinary meeting today to enact “immediate measures” to control the pandemic, one day after António Costa met all political parties represented in the Parliament, and in order to reach a consensus on these decisions

Having in consideration the serious situation at national level, the Prime Minister met Friday all political parties represented in Parliament, while the Minister of Economy received the social partners on possible containment measures.

“We did not exclude any possible measures, but we believe we must adopt measures that disturb personal, social and economic life as little as possible. We must also take into consideration a second point: We are facing a long-distance race and, therefore, we cannot put all the effort or take all the measures in the beginning”, said António Costa on Thursday.

The Council of Ministers extraordinary meeting, which starts at 10:00 AM in Ajuda Palace, takes place one day after Portugal has surpassed the records since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, counting 40 deaths, 4,656 new cases and 1,927 inpatients. 275 of the patients are hospitalized in intensive care services, according to Portuguese Health Department.

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