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Portugal among countries invited by the Brazilian Government to travel to the Amazon

The Brazilian government has invited 10 heads of foreign diplomatic missions, including that of Portugal, to travel to the Amazon next week, to verify the “preservation of that forest”, the local press reported on Thursday.

According to the G1 news portal, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden are the countries that will have their diplomatic representatives traveling to the forest next Wednesday Amazónia, on a mission to be headed by the Brazilian vice president, Hamilton Mourão.

In addition to these countries, the diplomatic heads of the European Union and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO), based in Brasilia, should also participate in the trip.

The vice president of Brazil, who heads the National Council of the Legal Amazon, an entity that coordinates several actions aimed at the preservation of what is the largest tropical forest in the world, indicated last month that he was preparing a diplomatic offensive to respond to Europe about destruction of the Amazon.

Mourão stated, at the time, that Brazil “does not deny or hide information about the seriousness of the situation” that affects the forest, such as fires and record deforestation, but stressed that the Government “does not accept simplistic or distorted narratives” which, in his opinion , prevail “in some parts of the world”.

Last week, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, stated that his executive was finalizing the details of a trip to take foreign diplomats to visit the Amazon rainforest so that they see that “nothing is burning or even a hectare of devastated jungle. ”.

“We are finalizing a trip, where we will invite diplomats from other countries to show on that short trip of an hour and a half that they will see nothing in our Amazon rainforest burning or even a hectare of devastated jungle,” said the official, who denies environmental destruction. in your country.

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