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Navigation in sight

About 1.2 billion children are living, right now, on what is technically defined as “multidimensional poverty”.

And what does this concept tell us? According to the University of Oxford, “poverty cannot just be accounted for the absence of money. Shortages of food, education, health care and shelter are also substantial indicators of states of poverty. “

And it is this multidimensional poverty that should concern us. And a lot.

According to the organization Save the Children, in September, since the beginning of the pandemic (seven long months ago), the number of children who have fallen into this poverty has risen by 15% worldwide.

Not being a numbers person, I cannot help being indifferent to this record. 15% is too fast and it mirrors what can be expected with the increase in the number of cases in all countries. And that obliges, again, the governments to take measures of restrictions and confinement.

François Macron, the president of France, announced a couple of hours ago the indication of a new French confinement. And, right at the start of his communication, he justified: ““ Nothing is more important than human life ”.

In fact, nothing is more important than human life. And they all matter. But under what conditions?

The world moves, forced stormy days, in a movement of “navigation in sight”.

Are we prepared to see – and be a part of – this horrible concept of multidimensional poverty?

If 1.2 billion children are now accounted for, will the others be in another seven months?

Too many questions to which, unfortunately, no one has an answer.

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