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China is determined to defeat invaders, says Xi Jinping

On the anniversary of China’s entry into the Korean War, the official says his country will resist foreign interference.

Seventy years after the entry of Chinese troops in the Korean War to face the Americans, the leader Xi Jinping made, on Friday (23), a strong nationalist speech in which he affirmed that China is “determined to defeat invaders”.

According to Xi, Chinese participation in the conflict that lasted from 1950 to 1953 was a demonstration of the military power between China against US imperialism and taught his country to “use language that invaders can understand – to fight war with war and prevent invasions with force, gaining peace and respect through victory ”.

“The Chinese people will not create problems, but we are also not afraid of them and, regardless of the difficulties or challenges we face, our legs will not shake and our backs will not bend,” said the Chinese leader.

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