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Obama accuses Trump of never taking the presidency “seriously”

Former President of the United States, Democrat Barack Obama, today accused his successor, Republican Donald Trump, of never taking the job “seriously”, and called for mobilization in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“It’s not a reality show, it’s reality,” said Obama, during a speech in Philadelphia, quoted by the France-Presse agency (AFP), adding that Americans have to “live with the consequences” of Trump’s decisions, who was “unable to take the job seriously”.

“Tweeting ’while watching television doesn’t solve the problems” of the country, criticized the former US head of state.

Presidential elections are scheduled for November 3. In the race are the current President and Joe Biden, who just over two weeks before the vote is ahead of Trump in the polls.

After the first debate, which was considered chaotic and unclear to undecided voters, and the cancellation of the second face-to-face because Trump contracted covid-19 – which was replaced by another format – the third and last debate is scheduled for Thursday.

This time, even the microphones of the two candidates will be muted, until there is a need for discussion between them.

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