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To whom should say: Don’t focus on salary

This year, the employment environment in Macau is poor, the unemployment rate is rising, and it is difficult for graduate students to find jobs.

The Directorate of Services for Labor Affairs has launched a number of programs to stabilize the local job market. Some companies said that fresh graduates should not focus on salary when looking for a job, but should focus on career prospects and whether the job is suitable for them. Don’t focus on salary, should this be told to graduates? Or told to their parents?

Chinese saying, “raising a child for a hundred years and worry him for ninety-nine years.” Parents in traditional Chinese society care about everything for their children. Here are the similar situation.

1. Students graduate from high school. Later, when they choose major in university, parents generally ask, what can they do after graduation? Instead of caring about how this choice has any influence on personal growth.

2. For the first job after graduating from university, the first question parents will generally ask, what is the salary? Secondly, how many days of vacation every year and what are the benefits? They may ask more, is it easy to change and step into civil servant?

Of course, salary and benefits are important to make decision, especially in this city, which is the second highest per capita GDP in the world. This year is a good time for young people to think about the direction of life and make career plans.

Macau, once a place full of money. Without tourist, it turns back into a small fishing village.

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