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Offshores. A brief history of the black hole of world wealth

At least 10.4% of world GDP, that is, 7.5 billion euros, “adds up” to the so-called offshores, causing brutal losses in uncollected taxes and allowing the biggest rascals, financial and beyond. When did this system start, why, what is it really and why has it been impossible to kill it?

The normal wage earner and the normal merchant cannot resort to these tricks. Legalized tax evasion by so-called business community leaders places an additional burden on the shoulders of community members who are least able to bear it and who already boldly assume their fair participation. ”

This paragraph could be part of the news that appeared on Monday in the Financial Times announcing that the OECD has ready the draft of a proposal for a global tax on multinationals that will allow – if a political agreement can be reached – obtain an additional 4% of income tax of these companies, in an estimate of over one hundred billion dollars entering the coffers of the States – an extremely low value considering the profits and tax evasion in question, which recent estimates budget at around 10.4% of world GDP, that is, some 8.7 trillion dollars, or 7.5 trillion euros.

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