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Tchizé dos Santos again points the finger at João Lourenço on social networks

Daughter of José Eduardo dos Santos says father and other family are persecuted by the current President of Angola

Welwitschia “Tchizé” dos Santos reacted, on social media, to the interview given by João Lourenço to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), published last Sunday. In several comments, the daughter of José Eduardo dos Santos says that “that defaming is so ugly”, as revealed by the portal Voa Português today.

It is recalled that the current Angolan President told the WSJ that around US $ 24 billion were diverted from Angola, “through fraudulent contracts with Sonangol”, during the previous management of the responsibility of Tchizé dos Santos’ father. “The opinion of some critics is that Angolan President João Lourenço did the interview to speak ill of JES’s two eldest sons in the USA to stifle the case of São Vicente and Edeltrudes, but the world is attentive and seeing everything” .

And “did you not mention Edeltrudes and the 900 million São Vicente why?”, Asks Tchizé who considers that “JL’s only reason for living: chasing JES” is wide open, but underlines “the mandate that the people gave him was to govern and not to be a judge or jailer for JES, family and associates ”.

Tchizé, who is MPLA deputy with the expired mandate, also affirms that João Lourenço is “failing the people as a PR”, also recalling that Sister Isabel dos Santos was never convicted by “no Angolan court, a country that Dr. João Lourenço rules ”.

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