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Clan Figo: fashion is a family affair

The father, Luís, was still a boy in football and was already visible in the “ganda pint”. The mother, Helen, was a top-model recognized worldwide. The genes did the rest. Their daughters, Daniela, Martina and Stella, inherited their elegance and, even without neglecting their studies, they already shine in productions from various brands. How the former player’s family conquered the advertising medium.

Paulo Futre, a teammate for more or less three years, a friend who doesn’t even know how many, doesn’t remember another Figo other than the impeccably upright, a mix of careful image and good taste. “He always dressed well, at a high level. Even when he was a boy he already had that hair care, he was always well groomed ”, tells“ Notícias Magazine ”the former Portuguese international, who, in 2000, even intermediated the transfer of the star from Barcelona to Real Madrid. When they crossed paths or lived together, the praise was almost certain. “Hey man, you have a great time,” Futre told him frequently. The possibility of venturing into fashion was never an issue that arose between them, guarantees the now television commentator, but the “style” that he knew from Figo has always been announcing that he would do well in the “fashion scene”. The same applies to the rest of the family. “I haven’t been with everyone for a few years now, but due to Helen’s career [Helen Svedin, Figo’s wife and ex-Swedish mannequin] and the personality of both, it doesn’t surprise me at all that everyone does well in the fashion world,” she says. Futre, recognizing “the look and elegance” that give the Figo clan a DNA favorable to success under the objectives.

The family’s predisposition to fashion has grown exponentially in the last month, with a campaign by the Spanish jewelry brand Rabat. With a novelty: for the first time, Daniela (21 years old), Martina (18) and Stella (15), the couple’s three daughters, starred in a joint photographic production. For the first time too, the mother, Helen, appeared alongside her daughters in an advertising campaign. The merger, which was highlighted in pink publications from Portugal and Spain, comes after other successful family teams. Between Daniela and Martina, for example. Or between Martina and Stella. Or even between Helen and Luís. All experiences that confirmed the Figo clan’s vocation for the spotlight.

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