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French government wants to expel foreign polygamists

French Citizenship Minister, Marlène Schiappa, wants to withdraw authorization to stay for all those who live in a marriage with multiple spouses.

The intention was announced on Monday, October 5, by the minister delegated to the portfolio of citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, in an interview with the French news channel BFM TV. “We really have to end polygamy,” said the official (secretary of state) in an interview with Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

The government’s main objective is to stop giving “residence permits to those who arrive from abroad and are in a situation of polygamy,” he explained. Still as an integral part of the bill against “religious separatism”, the executive also wants to move forward with measures such as the ban on the virginity certificate, a practice that is occurring, according to the World Health Organization, in two dozens of countries in the world. France wants to ban and penalize doctors who sign these documents on French territory.

Schiappa stated, in an interview, that “polygamy is contrary to the values ​​of the Republic”. For this reason, the government considers that it is really necessary to put an end to this reality. The process of identifying these cases or others in which there is cohabitation, but without a formal relationship, remained unexplained.

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