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João Lourenço says that domestic production is the “only way out” of Angola

The Angolan President considered today that, in the face of the “sea of ​​difficulties” resulting from the low price of oil and covid-19, the “only way out” that remains to Angola is “to produce internally everything that the country’s potential allows”

“Stimulate the domestic production of goods and services, counting on national and foreign private investment in agriculture, fisheries, industry, tourism, real estate and other branches of the national economy,” said João Lourenço today.

The President of Angola, who was speaking at the Presidential Palace, in Luanda, at the inauguration ceremony of the members of the Economic and Social Council, stressed that the stimulus of domestic production should contribute to the “increase in the supply of jobs”, especially for young people.

At least 46 people, including economists, academics, environmentalists, analysts and other actors in Angolan civil society, make up the current Economic and Social Council, recently created and now installed.

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