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Inside the prison that locks the 50 most dangerous criminals of Brazil

Bandits convicted of major robberies, murders and international drug trafficking. In the Federal Penitentiary of Brasília, known as the “prson of bosses” of crime, are the most dangerous criminals in the country. The Band brings images of its interior

Security is reinforced around the prison and inside with the presence – at least until December – of the National Force. Only 50 of the 208 cells in the maximum security prison unit are currently occupied.

Inside, for example, is the leadership of the criminal faction PCC (First Command of the Capital). The departure of Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, Marcola, for a routine examination in January, demonstrated a unique surveillance system: chains on his legs, special glasses to make it difficult for the prisoner to see and armed agents to the teeth.

Inside, the stiffness is no different. Sunbathing in small numbers, enemy prisoners are never to be found, like the drug dealers Jarvis Ximenez Pavão and Sérgio de Arruda Quintiliano Neto, Minotauro, who are fighting in violence to control drug trafficking on the Brazilian border with Paraguay.

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