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Portuguese sea species “have been suffering from wild catch due to Asian markets”

World Maritime Day was celebrated yesterday by the United Nations International Maritime Organization under the theme “Sustainable transport for a sustainable planet”. Adelino Canário, a career academic, is the director of the Center for Marine Sciences at the University of Algarve and also the vice president of the European Marine Biological Resource Center, a European marine science research infrastructure. At the PLATAFORMA, the professor spoke about the challenges facing humanity without jeopardizing environmental sustainability and, in particular, the sustainability of the seas.

In the midst of this fight against global warming and pollution, namely plastics, where does the so-called Blue Economy fit?

The economy, including the Blue Economy, takes place but must take place in a perspective of carbon neutrality and environmental protection. This concern is reflected in proposals from international entities that look to the oceans to build a sustainable economy, which requires a global effort following the pandemic.

How can we have a prosperous Blue Economy and at the same time a sustainable technological and civilizational advance?

One way of doing this is through a new look that seeks to reconcile economics with conservation. In fact, this is a vital need, since the environmental crisis that we are experiencing calls into question the very survival of the human species. The new approach requires investments through stimulus packages that allow the transformation of the current economy into a sustainable economy and that will achieve the objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Convention on Biological Biodiversity and the Paris Agreement.

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