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Robin Williams’ last days before suicide: “It’s not me anymore”

The biographical documentary “Robin’s Desire” describes the last months of life for actor Robin Williams before he committed suicide in 2014. The American hanged himself in his bedroom at the age of 63.

In ‘Robin’s wish’, Robin Williams’s fight against a neurodegenerative disease (Lewy Body Dementia) is depicted. “Can you imagine the pain he must have felt when he realized that his mind was disintegrating? Especially because it was unknown, ”his widow Susan Schneider Williams explained to the documentary.

Director Shawn Levy, who worked with Robin Williams on his latest film (‘Night at the Museum 3’), explained in statements to the newspaper El País that “Robin Williams was very frustrated”.

“I remember he said: It’s not me anymore. I don’t know what’s going on with me. It’s not me anymore. When we were shooting for a month, it was obvious that something was wrong with him. His mind was no longer working at the same speed. Its brightness had faded. We had to reformulate some scenes so that I could shoot, it was more work for me, but I would have done anything for Robin ”, he said.

“He suffered a lot while shooting the last film. Sometimes, many times, in fact, I would call at ten in the evening, at two, at four in the morning, and ask if what we had recorded could be used, ask if I was doing things well. I had to reassure him all the time, I said to him: ‘You are still Robin Williams, everyone knows how you are. Never forget that, please ’”, he concluded.

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