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Emerging countries call for “urgent” UN Security Council reform

The governments of Brazil, the Republic of India and South Africa today called for an “urgent” and “wide-ranging” reform of the UN Security Council and a greater role for emerging countries in decision-making.

“We emphasize the need for the ‘international community’ to redouble efforts to reinforce commitments and achieve tangible progress towards an accelerated and comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council”, says the note from the three states on the occasion of the 75th anniversary international organization.

The three States also commit to continue to work to increase the number of members of the Security Council so that the body can include representatives from emerging and developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa, in the member categories. permanent and non-permanent.

The declaration is part of the work of the IBSA Dialogue Forum, formed by India, Brazil and South Africa and which are also partners of the BRICS bloc, together with Russia and the People’s Republic of China.

The trio of countries warns that the current UN structure is “obsolete” and is inadequate to “effectively” face the current international challenges that are increasingly complex and “interconnected”.

“The legitimacy of the Security Council requires that the composition be equitable and reflect the aspirations and perspectives of the members of the UN”, says the joint note.

Thus, they stress that the reform of the Security Council must continue to be an “urgent and fundamental priority” and that doing nothing can bring “serious complications to global peace and security”.

“A significant and rapid reform is essential to ensure that the body (UN Security Council) is more representative, effective and receptive to continue to fulfill the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter”, they refer.

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