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Pope Francis says that the pleasures of sex and food are divine

The pleasures of sex or a good meal are divine and have been unjustly victims of the Church’s overzealousness in the past, said Pope Francis, quoted in an interview book published on Wednesday.

“Pleasures come directly from God, they are not Catholics or Christians, or anything else. They are simply divine, ”said Pope Francis, quoted in a book by Italian journalist Carlo Petrini.

“The Church condemned vulgar, inhuman, gross pleasure, but, on the other hand, it has always accepted human pleasure, simple, moral”, added the Pope, quoted in the book “Terra-Futura, conversations with Pope Francis on ecology”, written by Petrini, founder of the global “slow food” movement, with the aim of promoting greater enjoyment of food, valuing products, essentially local and seasonal, and raising the quality of meals.

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