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Insurgents capture islands in Cabo Delgado

This week, an insurgent group invaded and annexed two strategic islands near Palma and Mocímboa da Praia, in the province of Cabo Delgado, advances the news portal VOA Português.

Several fishermen who had taken refuge on the islands of Mecungo (Mocímboa) and Vamisse (Olumbe, Palma) left again for other places. Witnesses told VOA that the insurgents arrived in small rowboats, having woken up all residents and held a rally at dawn.

The attack occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, when the insurgents invaded the island of Vamisse, in the outskirts of Olumbe, having burned almost all the huts made by those who took refuge there. During the invasion, only one refugee was killed, just because he recognized one of the attackers.

About a week ago, the group known as al-shaabab had already destroyed the huts of other displaced people and fishermen on Mecungo Island, in the district of Mocímboa da Praia.

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