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Brazilian supermarkets advise consumers to exchange rice for pasta

The president of the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets, João Sanzovo Neto, said that the sector should promote a campaign to encourage consumers to replace rice with pasta

“We are going to promote the consumption of pasta, pasta, which is a substitute for rice. And we will guide consumers who do not stock (rice) ”, he said, after meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro, in Brasília, to talk about the issue of increasing the prices of basic food products.

The price of food was one of the highlights for the rise in official inflation in August. The IPCA was 0.24% – the highest percentage for the month in four years (more information on page B8).

Two products drew attention: rice, which appreciated 19.2% in the year, and soybean oil, which rose 18.6% in the period. It is not the first time that a recommendation like this has been made to the consumer. In 2014, during the Dilma Rousseff administration, the then secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance, Márcio Holland, suggested exchanging the consumption of red meat for other cheaper foods, such as eggs and poultry.

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