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Football with public and open clubs? “It won’t be in the near future”

Health authorities believe that it is not time to experiment with the return of the public to football and clubs, saying that at this moment there is a focus at the beginning of the school year.

A few days before returning to school, and after several private schools opened, Graça Freitas postponed the return of the public to the football stadiums and the reopening of clubs, implying that this is not the priority.

The Director-General of Health joined the two themes and assured that both the stadiums with assistance and the reopening of discos will not happen “in the near future”, not least because the beginning of the school year is a “very important phase” for the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal.

“Send caution that at a time like this we do not try new measures” that may generate more cases, also taking into account the increase in numbers in the last 24 hours, warns Graça Freitas.

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