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A sea of plastic – See PDF

Universities in São José and the Algarve will study the presence of microplastics on the coast of Macau. The city is at the mouth of one of the rivers that most plastics drag into the oceans. A liter of sediment collected off the city’s coast may contain thousands of plastic particles that have invaded the oceans and are increasingly present in water and food.
Headline: Microplastics. In pursuit of the invisible threat

Other highlights in this edition:
Paulo Rego – Never before has Beijing experienced the planetary influence it has today. That’s why Trump is wild, like a cat who discovered that there are dogs in the world. Now it attacks the Confucius Institute, whose teaching it intends to ban from the United States.
Editorial: Please, less!

Some minimize the effects of the pandemic on the evolution of students, others say it brought delay
Education: Studying in pandemic times

“Cita is an actress and a dancer. On stage he assumes several roles, but outside the scene he has many other responsibilities, including managing the space of the shows.
Culture: Working in the theater as a free lancer

Two months before the 67th edition of the Macau Grand Prix, the event poster remains to be seen. After the cancellation of the GT World Cup and the local stage of the Touring Car World Cup, attention was turned to motorcycling.
Sports: Motorcycle Grand Prix, on wheels or on a tightrope?

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