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Trump offends heroes who died in World War I, accuses ‘The Atlantic’

According to an article published yesterday in ‘The Atlantic’, the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, classified the deceased navy and buried in a World War I cemetery in France as ‘losers and idiots’.

According to the editor in chief of the publication, Jeffrey Goldberg, Trump refused to visit the American cemetery Aisne-Marne outside Paris in 2018. In official statements, his administration said that, due to bad weather conditions, the helicopter could not do the trip. However, Goldberg refutes the official version and launches a new one: “Trump was afraid that his hair would tousle in the rain.”

And he adds in the article: “In a conversation with senior officials on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, ‘Why do I have to go to the cemetery? It’s full of losers. ‘”

On the same trip, but in a separate conversation, Trump reinforced his contempt for the 1800 sailors who lost their lives at Belleau Wood. The American president called them “idiots” for having succumbed. These statements were heard firsthand by anonymous sources heard by ‘The Atlantic’, who were with Trump during an argument, as the article claims.

Trump’s response

After the article was published, Trump was quick to respond, declaring that the magazine’s claims were “disgusting, grotesque and irreproachable lies”.

“If these people really exist and mentioned that, they are low-level and liars. And I am willing to swear by everything that never said anything like that about our heroes, ”he said.

However, some elements pointed out that it would not be the first time that Trump has seen himself in such matters. In 2016, the US President made harsh comments to the late Senator John McCain, who is widely recognized as a war hero. “He is not a war hero. He’s only a war hero because he’s been captured. I like people who are not captured. “

The president says that the article only deals with “false information” and that it is an “attempt to induce the previous presidential elections of 2020”.

‘The Atlantic’ is a literary / cultural magazine founded in Boston in 1857.

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