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What line separates a few extra pounds from ill health?

Specialist explains and explains what is pre-obesity

The diversity of bodies is an increasingly accepted reality. The limits of exact measurements and the idea of perfect bodies fall, which we all have to follow, to give way to the acceptance of the body itself. The #oMeuCorpo movement, launched by Women’s Health defends that; that each one has the body they have and the focus should be on loving and caring for them in the best way for an inner and outer well-being.

In addition to our movement, the same idea is supported by many others. The fashion industry increasingly risks not hiding stretch marks, cellulite or real bellies and thighs. In publications shared on social networks, true bodies are also increasingly defended and even applauded for what is positive … when there is no fine line between what is and what is no longer healthy.

Read more in Portuguese at Women’s Health.

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