New website still without Portuguese version and online reservations

New website still without Portuguese version and online reservations

Tickets for the festival that marks the reopening of the Cinematheque Passion start to be sold today.

However, one day after the announcement of the schedule, criticisms multiplied about the new website, which does not allow the purchase of tickets online, nor does it have versions in Portuguese and simplified Chinese.

Tickets for the film festival that mark the reopening of Cinematheque Passion are under sale today, under the baton of a new manager, the Entertainment and Culture Production Company Limited.. However, both the September schedule and the new Cinematheque Passion website are far from reaching consensus between the public and professionals in the sector.

The main complaints are the impossibility of purchasing tickets online through the new Cinematheque Passion portal, but also the lack of translation into Portuguese and simplified Chinese.

Entitled “A love letter to Cinema: Cinematographic production on the big screens”, the first event since the Cinematheque closed for works aims to “evoke an indescribable love for films, among fans”, through a selection of classics and works from different countries and eras. The festival opens on September 1 with the remastered version of “Singin’ in the Rain ”and also includes works by Fellini (“ Otto and Mezzo ”) and Woody Allen (“ The Purple Rose of Cairo ”).

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