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Unsustainable political lightness

Whatever the geography, the horizon of the crisis is heavy. The economy stressed, surrendered to the covid-19, with devastating effects, but still poorly perceived. It is much worse than the subprime implosion in 2008; radically changes consumption and behavior, shakes all political convictions and regimes.

It is said that nothing will be like before … without real awareness of the dimension, speed and profile of change. Tomorrow is really the first day of the rest of our lives.

China has been living under strong pressure. First, pandemic rights effects; then, the fact that the outbreak was detected in Wuhan was a weapon against the projection of Chinese power; finally, nationalisms and contraction in consumption combine paradigm shifts in international trade, destroying the Chinese model of mass production and export. The technological revolution and the branding change the Chinese production profile; the Range and Route initiative even realigns the global investment plan… But not in time to avoid brutal drops in GDP and profound turns, both in public policies and in private decisions.

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